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Technological infrastructure for international payments.

Choice & Control.

We serve the financial industry with a robust solution that combines technology, liquidity, and regulatory compliance.

Our services.

We provide an international direct-payments infrastructure specially designed to meet the most demanding needs of regulated companies in the financial sector.


Our proprietary technology combines everything in one place:

  • A vast payment distribution network

  • Liquidity in multiple currencies

  • KYC, AML/FT systems

  • Transaction monitoring

Enabling your international direct-payments service with Remitee is simple and efficient.

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Our clients and business partners conduct thousands of daily transactions on behalf of their customers. Impressively, over 99.5% of these transactions are successfully processed on the first attempt, with more than 90% being confirmed in real-time. We work with:

  • Banks

  • Digital wallets

  • Retailers

  • Money transmitters

Payments services extend to over more than 50 countries in America and Europe.


Join our network.

And discover our diverse and growing forms of distribution.


Bank accounts


Digital wallets

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Countries for top-ups and eSIMs.

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Card Issuing

Issuing of white label debit card for disbursement.

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Pay to card

Pay to Mastercard and Visa cards globally.

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Bill payments

Thousands of utility bills to pay directly.



Proprietary technology deployed in the cloud.

Our infrastructure is prepared for critical missions: full redundancy, high availability, protection against hacking, and constant monitoring to ensure your business never stops running.

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Our technology combines payments, treasury, and compliance, all in one.


Technological infrastructure developed with the users in mind: your customers.


Always available, without interruptions, continuously.


We offer a platform that is not only powerful but also accessible, adaptable, and user centered.


Peer to Peer value transfer.


Users indicate that the speed of the transaction is among the top 3 reasons when choosing a company to make their payments.

That's why real-time capability development is a priority for Remitee , and it's available to our clients 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, without interruption.


Real-time transfers

More than 90% of the Remitee distribution network pays and confirms disbursements in real time.

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Remitee has early validation algorithms, contextual messaging, standardized codes and web-hooks for a better user experience, both in face-to-face and digital channels, which increases trust and reduces user abandonment.


Messenger service

We provide timely and assertive messaging at every step of the process to give users security.

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A variety of dispersion methods to serve your customers better, following the global trend of direct payments. With Remitee you will have an always current service.


The greatest breadth of Payment Options so that your clients have control. Banks, digital wallets and direct payment for services, among others.

Options and Control

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We provide a competitive exchange in all markets and the necessary liquidity to carry out your operations , so that you do not have to worry about anything other than serving your clients.


Active change

We provide the necessary liquidity so that payments are immediate and competitive.

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Remitee has regulatory infrastructure and processes required by authorities in all the territories where it operates. We carry out KYC, AML/FT processes, transactional monitoring and checking of OFAC and PEP lists, among others, to comply with FATF standards.



We provide a solid regulatory structure to comply with standards in all countries in which we operate.

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With Remitee, you have an operational support team available 7 days a week to monitor all operations and resolve any concerns or operational issues that arise.


As we say at Remitee, the show must go on! A 24/7 support team takes care of it.


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Complete the form and we will contact you.


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