Cross-Border Payment Platform.

Our API is the only access point to all the destinataries in Remitee’s network. This is possible because we apply industry standards, such as ISO 20022.

Solid and Scalable APIs.

The architecture of our platform lets us integrate constantly and fast with new payment partners in different countries and different servers without affecting the existing services, which allows us to grow and build a strong and stable network.

What do you need to integrate.

If you are part of a company that is interested in sending cross-border payment orders from Remitee, you can easily access our API’s specification:

Check our API Documentation

Processing Capacity.

Regarding its transaction processing capacity, Remitee can process its own payment orders as well as those of its partners, which are integrated through a proprietary API (from Remitee) or through Ripple (XCurrent).

These microservices are developed in .NET Core and, if an API is exposed, they enforce authentication/authorization through OAuth2.
Some machine learning services are developed in Python.

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